10 changes that made me a better person

Jan 11, 2023
Andy Brown - Life Coach and Mentor

1) I realised that I was 100% responsible for my life

Once I discovered that there was nobody coming to save me, I took total control of my life. I knew that only I could make the changes I needed to be happy. I knew that if I didn’t put in the time and effort, I’d stay where I was, or worse.


2) I changed my response to things

Jack Canfied talks about E+R=O (Event + Response = Outcome). For every event that happens to you in your life, you have a choice in how you will respond and that response will determine the outcome. When things happen that are out of your control, you can either burn your energy by getting mad, or you can think “hey ho, shit happens, what can I do instead?”


3) I stopped blaming other people

In my early days, I blamed everyone else for the situation I was in. This actually made me feel worse as I was holding anger and grudges that burned me up. This goes back to Point 1; I am 100% responsible for my own life. Everyone else has got their own stuff going on, so why should I blame them? Plus, my response to what they were doing was always defensive. Now I shrug, smile, wave and move on.


4) I started practising gratitude

How many people do you know who constantly whinge and moan about things in life? They’ll find a complaint for the smallest possible thing, and how do you feel when you have to sit there listening to them? They’re like energy vampires. Once you become grateful for everything you have and for what’s coming in the future, your life will change for the better.


5) I embraced manifestation

Before I was given that book called ‘The Secret’ I believed that I would never progress in life. But once I tried manifestation and proved it worked, I became a different person. From the Red BMW to clearing £40,000 debit in just a week, to building a multiple 6-figure business and co-owning an aircraft, that was not the Andy you’d have met before I started practising Manifestation. It’s like everything else, you have to work at it, you can’t just dip and dip out, but once you make it a habit, holy moly!


6) I believed in myself

On that cold night when I left home at 16 years of age, I had nothing to lose. I was going all in, and to do that I needed to 100% believe in myself. Remember, I had no money, and little to no education, but I was betting on myself to make it happen. The day I completed my first solo flight was the day the belief paid off. Yes, it had been a tough journey, but I’d backed myself all the way and I knew that if I could make it through to getting my wings, I could achieve anything.


7) I embraced by physical attributes

Once I got over the fact that I’m not the tallest, best-looking guy around, it was like the floodgates opened. Instead of focusing on not liking what I saw in the mirror every day, I diverted that energy to creating a better life. I’ll be honest, it took a while, but once I realised I couldn’t change certain things, the gloves were off. Why the hell had I wasted so much time on that?


8) I became more generous

When I’m in a restaurant, I always tip the staff (unless they’re deliberately miserable sods). I know that these people work very hard for little money, and having been there myself, anything extra for them is a bonus. Who knows, they might be on a similar journey to me, and if a couple of dollars here and there helps them move one step further to their Perfect Day, that makes me very happy.


9) I found patience

We now live in a fast-moving, self-gratification society where everybody wants what they want NOW. People rush around trying to get where they’re going faster, or they bang on to courier companies when they don’t get their stuff the next day. When I first started building my businesses, I wanted results straight away, but once I realised it was a long game, I relaxed and enjoyed the journey. It’s exactly the same in life, you can’t rush a good thing, so why bother? Chill, hit the beach, have a cocktail because good things come to those who wait.


10) I tasted mortality

Twice in my life, I’ve been very close to death. I’m not talking about being on an operating table with the doctors trying to save me, I’m talking about being fully conscious when you realise that this is probably the last moments of your life.

On one of those occasions I was 40 metres under the ocean and I actually had time to process what was about to happen. My life didn’t flash before my eyes or anything like that, I was just sad about all the things I’d wasted time on and the days I’d no longer have with Jules.

After that, I made conscious decisions to only do things that served us and create a life we’d love together for as long as we have left. Ultimately our time is short, we don’t know how much we have left, so what we must do is wring every last second from it and be happy.

In summary

It takes inner work and reflection to find out what needs to change in our lives. But one thing's for sure, only we can make those changes. Yes we can get guidance and clarity from a coach, but we have to be willing to take that first step to change.

Why not write down 10 things you could start changing in your life for the better - it really makes you think 😊


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