50 weeks in a British jail

May 10, 2021
ONE LIFE Living the Dream Boat
Snuggled down on our terrace sofa tonight, I posed this one to Joolsy;
“Are we living our dream in Spain?”
“Abso-freakin-lootley!” She said…
The point being that we do actually LIVE here.
Now, imagine you’re in good old Blighty (or anywhere else in the world), working your bits off in your J.O.B. which includes the obligatory 4 weeks holiday a year.
2 of those weeks are spent ‘just doing stuff’ - the other 2 spent on your annual Summer Hols in the sun - a place where you’d love to live…
But hey ho, before you know it, 2 weeks are up and you’re back on the plane towards another 50 weeks of the old routine.
And that was Joolsy and I last year until we said ‘life really is too freakin’ short’.
Cliche? Stay with me.
Here’s the kicker…
If you up sticks and live just ONE YEAR in your dream location, it would take someone else the equivalent of 26 years of ‘2 week summer hols’ to do the same.
26 YEARS!!!
I don’t write this post to intimidate or say ‘look at us and what we’ve done’ - I’m doing this to hopefully motivate and inspire you to think differently and believe that everything is possible.
What can seem like the biggest shift in your life doesn’t necessarily have to be so.
Jules and I made the decision, she left her job, we packed our car and got on a ferry…
The rest we made up along the way.
Challenges? Of course!
The pay off? Priceless.
As the world opens up again, don’t be afraid to start pushing those perceived boundaries. If you want to make a change, bloody well do it!
What’s the worse that could happen?
Sometimes you just have to be drop kicked out the nest.
Come on, let’s fly…

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