Don't Ignore Your Signals

Jul 08, 2022
Lady looking up thinking from ONE LIFE


You gotta see the signals. You have to listen to them. You have to feel them.

They’re the little vibrations telling you that something’s off.

They’re easy to ignore.

You tell yourself; “it’s just another one of those days . . . “

It’s not.

It’s the signals telling you something has to change.

The problem with signals is they don’t tell you what has to change.

They’re just there, sending you little messages, subtly tapping you on the shoulder.

Signals don’t fight for your attention…

Through all the noise you’re bombarded with every day, they’re not the loudest.

They can’t compete with the unreasonable demands of others, the daily pressure, the overwhelm.

You can’t hear them, but you can still feel them.

That’s why they wait until the mind is at it rest, or at least you think it is…

Signals don’t sleep, they love the small hours of the morning when they have your attention.

They wait for their moment to whisper in your mind;

“Is this really what you want? Are you fulfilled? Is this your path for the rest of your life?”

You toss and turn and try to ignore them before rising to face ‘just another one of those days’.

Before you know it, the days, weeks, months and years have slipped by.

But Signals are loyal, they will be with you until you take your last breath.

By then they’ll have your undivided attention.

And they’ll ask you; “Why didn’t you change things when you could? Why did you settle?”

You gotta see the signals. You have to listen to them. You have to feel them.


Andy Brown
Founder of ONE LIFE

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