“Is that a kangaroo in your garden?”

Dec 09, 2022
Kangaroos in the garden at ONE LIFE

A good few years back I got a bit lost in my life so I decided to head off to Australia and try to find myself (as you do)…

I first did some flying out of Perth, then I moved to the East Coast and hid out in a small community called Corindi Beach where I surfed with the dolphins and dodged the deadly snakes.

Jules would often Skype me in the morning when I was having my first cuppa of the day, and on this particular Friday she asked, “Is that a kangaroo in your garden?”

It was actually a family of them who came through daily to see how I was getting along. They’d quietly hop around the back of the house and just hang with me whilst I finished my tea.

These guys were my team. They didn’t actually contribute much in the grand scheme of me sorting out my life, but just by having them there every day meant the world to me.

That time in Corindi gave me the space I needed to make a plan, and a few months later I moved up the coast and setup Great Circle Australia - my ‘down under’ brand and marketing business.

I missed the ‘Roos’ visiting every day, but I finally had direction again and something to aim for.

When the world gets overwhelming, sometimes we just need to find space and have a crew behind us who get it whilst we work it out.

That’s what we’re doing at ONE LIFE - helping others clear out the past, find their purpose and create an amazing life.

There’s likely not going to be many kangaroos about, but I can promise you this - there’s DEFINITELY going to be adventure and heaps of fun.


Have a great day!

Andy x

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