No pressure, no diamonds

Nov 30, 2020
Jules Le Cornu of ONE LIFE

I’m in trouble with the boss again.

Last week I got shiny object syndrome and went off chasing ‘a great idea’ down the internet rabbit hole.

I’ll be honest, their marketing was pretty slick and the promises were great, but I really should know better.

It happens though when things get tough, we’re often distracted by those bright and shiny things over there that seem a bit easier than what we’re toiling on over here.

As I’m still very much finding my feet as a self-employed lady, I’m discovering that setting up a business has it’s challenges…

To begin with the money doesn’t come in every week like it did back in the j.o.b. - because this is a long game.  And that brings its own pressures…

So maybe I need to cut myself a bit of slack for glancing at the road sign that says ‘Shortcut’.

One of Andy’s coaching sessions is F.O.C.U.S. - which stands for Follow One Course Until Successful

In other words he teaches us to stay away from the shiny objects and keep focussed on our end goal.

And I’ve heard him teach it a hundred times, so that’s why I’m in trouble for straying off course…

I say trouble, but it’s not really, Andy merely reminds me with a wry grin; “Joolsy - no pressure, no diamonds”

Back to it then...

Stay focused and extra sparkly my friends 😘


Does this resonate? Are you chasing shiny objects and getting nowhere useful? If so I’d love to help you F.O.C.U.S.

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Post by Jules Le Cornu
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