One of the Reasons I Left the Day Job

Nov 10, 2022
Beach at El Palmar Spain by ONE LIFE

52 years old and I’m still paddling into waves which are too big for my ability 😁

Amongst the epic rides I did get, there were plenty of wipeouts in the pumping conditions. There’s nothing like finally surfacing from a double hold-down to know that you’re still alive. That first breath of air is SWEET!

Granted I’m not as quick to my feet as I used to be, but it’s not about that, it’s about still having a go.

Our trial ONE LIFE Surf Escape was one of the best trips we’ve had in a long time and it’s definitely on the cards to start running these for you guys next year.

The waves were absolutely firing and there were people of all ages and ability loving the conditions and just chilling out.

It was a proper beach vibe with no frills or great expense. We wandered around for 3 days in t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops - from the beach to the cafes, it was a complete disconnect from all the noise.

Jules and I sat at a beachside bar yesterday and we talked about how free we felt, about how far away it seemed from those grim days when she had to go into the office every day until it nearly killed her.

We had a couple of cheap beers and shared a burger - the November sun was glorious and the breaking waves added even more salt to our fries, it was just the best.

I won’t lie to you, I’m aching today from the surfing and those poundings, but it’s a good ache. It means there’s still life in me, and I’ll continue to chase down those waves until I can no longer make it to the water.

We all have only ONE LIFE and nobody should dictate to us how we live it. I’m not talking about breaking rules and becoming anarchists, I’m talking about making choices to change our lives for the better.

For me, simple IS better. I’ve always loved the sea and it’s where I return to find my centre.

These past few days have shown us just how simple it really can be when we stop chasing the money and start finding happiness.

Our Escapes will be a blend of disconnecting from the ‘always on’ culture, finding the space to discover out what you really want in life, and meeting your new tribe. Oh, and having some great adventures along the way.

If it sounds good to you and you’d like to stay in the know about our Escapes and Retreats, hop over here and pop your name on the list:

Have a great day!

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