Personal Boundaries - It's Okay to Say No

Feb 27, 2023
ONE LIFE - pizza

I was asked to someone's house for dinner this week. Yep, contrary to popular belief I do get the odd invite...

All very nice, but I REALLY didn't want to go because the host's partner can become a right arse when they've had a drink.

And so ensued the dilemma...

My gut feeling told me not to go in case it got nasty, but my head told me I should go to keep the peace.

I ended up looking for all kinds of excuses which eventually worked, but the whole thing left me out of sorts as telling white lies doesn’t sit well with my values.

These things are never going to be easy, but we need to remember that setting boundaries is not about being selfish or rude; it's about respecting yourself and others.

Setting boundaries means being clear and firm about what is and is not acceptable to you. It's about communicating your needs, feelings, and limits.

We often get dragged into things we're not comfortable with, so it's good to remind ourselves that it's okay to say "no" when necessary.

In the end my takeaway pizza was world class.

Every cloud and all that…

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