Apr 05, 2023
Man holding up hands facing the sun at ONE LIFE Coaching

What if you’re never ready?

What if, this is as close to being ready that you’ll ever actually be?

What if, the biggest regret you have when you look back on your life, is that you wasted time waiting, waiting to be better, when you were already so very much enough?

What if, the last thought you have when your life comes to an end, is that you didn’t do enough living whilst you were alive?

My friend, this is it.
This is your life, right here, right now.

And let me tell you something, somebody somewhere went to sleep last night assuming tomorrow would be a new day.

And it wasn’t.
Today is the day.
Every day is the day.
Life waits for no one.

Seize the moment, seize the day.
Dance like nobody’s watching.
Watch the sunset.
Eat the delicious cake.
Put your bare feet on the cool grass.

Be alive.

Put your hand on your chest and feel that heartbeat pulsing through your body.
That’s all you need to be ready.

That is truly all the purpose you ever really need.
You, my friend, are alive.
So live.


Source unknown.

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