You Don’t Have to Change Your Whole Life in One Day

Apr 26, 2023
Doing nothing at all vs small consistent efforts

It's easy to look at our lives and feel overwhelmed by the changes we want to make.

And we often fall into the trap of thinking it won’t have an impact if we don’t change everything all in one go.

Believe me that couldn't be further from the truth.

The life you see Jules and me living now didn’t happen overnight. Granted, we’ve been in Spain for over 2 years, but we had to take many small steps to make it happen.

If we’d tried to tackle the project in one go, it’s likely we’d have talked ourselves out of it.

By taking tiny steps each day, it lead us to a more fulfilling life without feeling overwhelmed by huge goals.

When it comes to making a change in your life, there are two important things to do:

1) Take your time
2) Take action

Every single action matters - even if it feels insignificant today, over time, they add up to create meaningful progress on your journey to a better life.

During the three months that led up to us leaving our old life behind, our daily small actions seemed almost insignificant. But before we knew it, we were packed and on a boat to a new life.

The changes you want to make might not be as big as ours, but what small step can you take today to start your own journey?

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