How tall is Tom Cruise?

Jan 17, 2023
How tall is Tom Cruise?

Me and me old mate Tom Cruise have a good few things in common - here are 3 of them:

  1. We are both pilots, although TC gets to fly around in much more expensive planes than me. I do badger him on a weekly basis to lend me his jets, but for some reason he’s stopped taking my calls 🤔

  2. We’ve both been in a plane crash. But here’s were I Top Trump TC; his wasn’t real, mine was 😬
    BONUS: I’ve also been in a boat crash and a car crash, and I’m still here. Not much works any more, but I’m still breathing!

  3. Tom and I are the same height: 1.72 m or 5ft 7 ¾ in old money.
    We’re also equally vertically challenged as Mark Wahlberg and TDAFKAP (The Dead Artist Formerly Known as Prince).

Obviously good things come in small packages, I just need to catch up with them on the Bank Balance front.

Andy 😎

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