Never Stop Searching for Your Best Life...

Mar 22, 2023
Andy Brown - Founder of ONE LIFE and Surfer

1989, this is me coming out of survival mode.

3 years before, I was in full self-destruct mode. Narrowly avoiding prison, I knew I had only one chance to escape that toxic environment.

If I didn’t, I would die or end up behind bars for a very long time.

So at 16, I packed a bag, grabbed my surfboard, and with £40 in my pocket, left home in the middle of a freezing cold February night.

Sitting on a filthy bus heading south, I had no idea where I’d end up, but what I did have was an unshakeable vision of a better life.

There was no internet, mobiles, text or WhatsApp - I was alone and knew I had to find my tribe.

Always drawn to the water, I ended up in Cornwall, where I hustled like crazy and surfed my brains out before crossing the Channel to Jersey.

On that transient island, I started to meet like-minded souls looking for adventure and their tribe. Some stayed, some came and went, but there was always a common cause; live our best life ever.

I also went to and from the island, France, Scotland, and Australia, and finally settled in Spain, where I know I belong.

When we’re searching for our purpose, we never really know where the road will take us, but one thing’s for sure, we must never stop looking.

It’s been a long time since those early days, many waves surfed, miles flown, and beaches walked upon. And I’m not finished yet…

How about you? Have you found your purpose? Have you settled?

Or are you still searching for your best life?

I’d love to know...


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