“The problem is that you think you have more time.”

Oct 22, 2022
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Last night at dinner I sat next to a lovely lady who we’d met only a year ago. The day we were introduced to the couple, we got on like a house on fire, they were both so full of life and an absolute hoot to be around. Our kind of people.

But last night she was alone. There were only 7 place settings on the table when there should have been 8.

Earlier in the day we’d found out that the man we’d been introduced to 12 months before was gone. Only a few months after we’d first met them, he’d been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour and given 12 weeks to live.

When I spoke to his widow, she told me that after the bombshell diagnosis they’d made a pact to fill those remaining 3 months with as much fun and adventure as they could. Sadly he became more ill by the day and their last hoorah had been cut short.

“The problem is that you think you have more time” she told me. “Not just after the diagnosis, but in life itself.”

She’s just a shade over 60 and they’d had the best days ahead of them. She actually joked that she’d put a ‘hit’ out on Jules and I after we told them how we’d packed up our lives and moved to Spain.

“Your story was a huge inspiration when we met you and we decided to follow in your footsteps.”

Their plan had been to re-mortgage their home, pack up in their jobs in the UK and go travelling. But now it was too late.

Before I saw her again last night, I really didn’t know what to say. As we walked to the restaurant I asked Jules “Should we mention ‘it’ or should we just say nothing?” We really didn’t know.

But the lady was full of grace and said everything was okay. So I talked openly with her about what had happened and where she was right now, only months after her husband had gone.

We brought up the cliche of ‘Life really is too short’ and she looked in my eyes and said “It really is.” They’d thought they had all the time in the world left, yet within 3 months she was on her own.

She asked what I was doing with the business, and when I told her our mission was to help people find their purpose and live their best life, she said “Please tell them that they must.”

I don’t post this as a shock tactic or to be morbid, I’m talking to you through someone who would give anything to rewind the clock. Sadly time doesn’t work like that, it waits for none of us.

So if you do one thing this weekend, please take a look at anything you’re compromising on in life and decide that you’re going to change it, because you simply don’t have time to be unhappy.

I’m not talking about packing up and moving to another country, I’m talking about clearing the way to live your best life with the time you have left.

Let’s all honour this lovely lady, step back and look at one thing we can change to make our lives a bit better.

Andy x

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